1.            Ticket sales will open at 8 am on Saturday, May 1st and close at 6 pm on Monday, May 31st.


2.            Tickets will be sold at via a BUMP 50/50 electronic platform licensed by the AGCO.


3.            The draw will be live-streamed from 17 Debby Cresc., Brantford, ON  N3R 7A4 at 7 pm on May 31st to 


4.            The following individuals are not eligible to participate in the 50/50 draw:

a)       Help A Child Smile Board members and their spouses

b)       Persons under the age of 18

c)       Persons not physically present in the Province of Ontario to purchase a ticket


5.            Tickets prices are:

10 for $10

50 for $20

150 for $50

400 for $100


6.            The number generator supplied by BUMP 50/50 and approved by the AGCO will select the winning number.


7.            The running estimated amount of the total sales of the 50/50 draw will be displayed from May 1st to 31st at

8.            The winning ticket-holder will be notified by Help A Child Smile immediately upon the conclusion of the draw.  Attempts will be made by phone/email/mail to contact the winner using the information provided at the time of purchase for up to 30 days.


9.            The winning ticket number will be posted on, and on Help A Child Smile's Facebook page at 


10.         When the winning ticket is produced, the winner must show Government-issued photo ID, complete Help A Child Smile’s Prize Claim Form and must sign their name on the winning ticket.  The winning ticket may not be tampered with. Help A Child Smile reserves the right to deny winnings if the ticket has been reproduced or changed from its original state.


11.      Online 50/50 winnings must be claimed by the individual named in the original transaction.  Help A Child Smile is not responsible for any division of the winning prize amount to any party other than the individual named in the original purchase transaction. 


12.      The total winnings of 50% of the gross sales will be paid by cheque within 30 days of the claim date.  If the winner cannot provide Government-issued ID, the winning proceeds will be held until such ID can be provided or the 30-day time period to claim the prize has expired as outlined in item 8.

13.      In the event the winner cannot be contacted or no approved ID can be provided, funds will be held for six months, after which time the prize will be distributed appropriately with the approval of the AGCO.

Lottery License #RAF1204155


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